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Smile Glam By Holly teeth whitening professionals are able to guide you with a self-administered teeth whitening treatment that gives you results that can be just as good and as fast as from a dentist, but at a lower cost. After your treatment, you'll see a noticeable difference of 2 to 8 shades in the whiteness of your teeth.  You will walk away feeling  confident, positive and happy about your new smile


  • Smile Glam Basic 30-Minute Teeth Whitening Session |  $80

      (Consists of  ONE 30-Minute Teeth Whitening Sessions)


  • Smile Glam Full-Service 1-Hour Teeth Whitening Session |  $120

      (Consists of  THREE  20-Minute Teeth Whitening Sessions)


  • Hollywood Super Glam Service 1-Hour 20 Minute Teeth Whitening Session |  $150                           (Consists of FOUR 20-Minute Teeth Whitening Sessions)

  • Smile Glam Maintenance Teeth Whitening Session (PRIOR CLIENTS ONLY)|  $65                               (Consists of TWO 15-Minute Teeth Whitening Sessions)


Let Smile Glam By Holly add that extra glam to your smile! Aside from our teeth whitening services, we offer tooth gem applications as well. 


Our applications are Enamel-Safe, Fast, Pain-Free, and Semi-Permanent.

No Drilling and No Damage to your Teeth!


  •  One (1) Swarovski Crystal (15 Minutes) |  $25

  •  Two (2) Swarovski Crystals (30 Minutes) |  $

  •  Four (4) Swarovski Crystals (45 Minutes) |  $95

  •  Six (6) Swarovski Crystals or More (1 Hour)  |  $145+

  • Tooth Gem Removal |  $35

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